Providing a holistic any-to-any interoperability platform.

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Cloud based interoperability platform

Just because your applications are not interoperable yet, does not mean your data has to be stuck in silos.

You have invested too much in your infrastructure to let system limitations obstruct your progress.

Our platform opens those silos and allows your applications to share information across the enterprise and between constituent groups.

We allow for increased data quality and consistency in your systems, and even link and aggregate content into user centric views. Even if applications cannot support all the data you want, you can put it all together in SaaSEIM.

  • Cost Effective

    If you want to reduce operating costs, improve customer service and minimize risk associated with audits, litigation and disasters, you’ve come to the right place. SaaSEIM puts your world of information in your hands, speeding up processes and reducing costs across your organization.

  • Cloud Computing

    Cloud architecture affordably scales to meet your needs, whether you’re deploying solutions around a specific use case, a department or an entire enterprise. Users manage all the data surrounding their processes alongside the supporting documents.

  • Security

    SaaSEIM transforms the way content is stored in the cloud. Featuring highly secure data centers, encrypted in-transit connections, built-in redundancy and data replication, SaaSEIM ensures your information is accessible only to the people who need it.​

  • Mobility

    SaaSEIM allows users to instantly retrieve information and data, enact business process decisions such as document approval, receive notifications and view status dashboards of the processes most important to them. With the ability to capture and ingest photos into a database.


Changes have caused confusion and inefficiencies within our healthcare system. These can be within technology, collaboration and compliance areas for any healthcare organization. SaaSEIM has addressed these problems utilizing our interoperability solution.


SaaSEIM Litigation/Compliance supports existing systems to increase utilization and improve controls. SaaSEIM delivers document and records management that is as simple as using e-mail, with robust features and functionality.

Professional Services

Professional services organizations choose SaaSEIM because of its flexibility. It is easy to manage and configure with no programming needed. SaaSEIM can be tailored to the process. Constituent needs are met with this single solution.

State & Local Government

Faster, affordable government is possible with SaaSEIM. SaaSEIM is a solution for each level of government, helping each meet today’s challenges of smaller budgets and staffs while laying the foundation for simplified, efficient and mobile government information technology.

Financial Services

Financial services organizations worldwide instantly access documents with powerful workflows, increasing service levels and proactively managing regulations. Use SaaSEIM to share this information, speed processes and provide superior constituent service with automated paperless processes. Integrate SaaSEIM with your core lending applications to streamline the loan process, increase profits and decrease costs.

Higher Education

SaaSEIM helps Admissions, Financial Aid and Registrar's offices streamline operations, increasing efficiency and responsiveness. SaaSEIM removes friction from administration’s practices while aiding in superior decisions through advanced analytics.